Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Birchberry Games?
We are a very small indie developer and publisher of entertainment applications for mobile
devices (iOS and Android). Our goal is to make games that entertain, educated, and challenge
the player.

Where is Birchberry Games located?
Our humble headquarters, where all game development takes place, is located in the Palm Springs area
of California. We like to think of ourselves as anywhere and everywhere meaning we like to hear from
people who play our games in other lands.

What projects is Birchberry Games currently working on?
Right now we are testing and finishing up our first game U-boat Bunker St. Amiot. We hope to have
it out this FALL or LATE SUMMER and then will start another exciting project.

Do you refund games?
All refunds are handled thru the particular online store where you purchaced the game.
We do not refund games directly.

I found a problem with your game?
If you found a problem with our game - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please send us an email
describing the problem and tell us which OS your device is using. It would also help us knowing
the model of your smartphone or tablet you are using. We will attempt to duplicate the issue
and fix issues in free updates to the game. Please send reports to: